Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 134: Things to remember

I don't have my pictures on the computer yet but today Eliza did something that I never want to forget. I threw a wash rag into the tub and then set her in and she landed on top of it. She could see part of the rag and tried to pull it out from under her but she couldn't quite get it. So instead of just switching to another toy, she decided to try and pull it up with her teeth/gums. So down her head went and as her nose hit the water she jerked back with a surprised look on her face! It was so funny. I guess you don't really understand what water is until this happens to you. So cute.

The other thing she did was that she pulled herself to a standing position by grabbing the strap on our ottoman and pulling herself up. I was the surprised one that time. She hasn't done that since but we can tell that crawling is in her near future!


  1. How funny, I just loves babies and baths! Ella was "picking" up bubbles in the bath and eating them, but really there was nothing in her hand. Too cute!

  2. So funny. I thank you you for sharing and enlighenting my life.


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